This course is suitable for beginners who wish to develop basic conversational skills

Each class takes 60 minutes teaching, 30 minutes practice

Lesson Topics
Week 1 Hiragana
Week 2 Katakana
Week 3 Kanji
Week 4 Rōmaji
Week 5 Gojūon
Week 6 Greetings
Week 7 Useful Expressions
Week 8 Introducing Yourself
Week 9 Date and Time
Week 10 Getting Around
Week 11 Eating and Sleeping
Week 12 Shopping
Week 13 Expressing Your Feelings
Week 14 Socializing
Week 15 Health and Emergency
Week 16 Communication
Week 17 Presentation
Week 18 Speech
Week 19 Expert talk one
Week 20 Expert talk two

one and half hour for 24 Classes

Paticipant Fee:

30,000JPY for the students, The University of Kitakyushu

60,000JPY for the other people