Do you still struggle with daily travel? You want to apply for a Japanese driver's license but don't know how to do it instead!

MOIMOI offers services related to driver's license application. We will help students to quickly go through the application procedures, familiarize themselves with Japanese traffic rules, get familiar with the test center, and obtain their driver's licenses as soon as possible!

According to different demand, we offer the following service Set

Set 1--Practice driving

Location: 飯塚--筑豊

Materials Required: Telephone number;在留カードコピー(Copy of Residence Card)

Cost:15000/円・2時間 (One person)

This includes the use of the test center, the car rental fee, and travel expenses.


Note: The practice space needs to be pre-booked and paid for in advance. And the rental fee is non-refundable. In case of canceling, a penalty fee of 50% of the total fee will be charged. Please arrange your time wisely.(练车场地需要提前预约并缴纳相关费用。且租赁费不可退还。一旦取消,需要收取总费用50%(7500JPY)的违约金。请合理安排时间!!)

Set 2--Exam Registration

Location: 飯塚--筑豊

Materials Required: Chinese driving license (Original),Residence Card (Original),Passport (Original),住民票原本、写真2枚(1寸)。


Service Content:

Provide assistance in completing translated copies of your driver's license;
Assistance in completing the initial interview prior to the test.
Pick-up and drop-off service

Set 3--Driving School Pickup

Location: 飯塚--筑豊

Cost: 10000/円・車(4-6人)

Note: The above fees only include pick-up and drop-off services.

If you need to arrive at the examination center before 12:00 am and provide examination interpretation service, please inform one day in advance and pay an additional fee:2000/円.

Set 4--Package Service

Location: 飯塚--筑豊

Cost: 30万円/人(包含考试报名费,但不含驾照翻译费)

Service Content: Includes all services from 1-3 above until you get your license.

Note: We provide a full range of services for the Japanese driver's license examination. This includes pre-examination registration, reservation for practice, test registration fees, and pick-up and drop-off.

The above fees do not include the cost of driver's license translation. If the times of test exceeds 10, an additional fee of 2000円/次 pick-up and drop-off is required.

Follow-up Services

If you choose any of our above services, we will provide you with consulting services related to buying the car (if needed).