Examination Fee


Examination Fee
*Bank charges incurred
when wiring the money
from an overseas bank
account are to be paid by
the remitter.

【Applicants applying from outside Japan】※Japanese YEN only
Transfer ¥30,000 to the account specified below and send a copy of the
“Application of Remittance” form along with your application.
Bank name: The Bank of Fukuoka,Ltd.
Bank code (Swift Code):FKBKJPJT
Branch name: Kitakyushu Main office
Bank Address:2-2-18 Sakaimachi Kokurakitaku Kitakyushu City Fukuoka
Account number:2555152
Account Holder:Kouritsudaigakuhoujin kitakyushushiritsudaigaku
Rijichou Tsuda Junji
Remittee Address:1-1 Hibikino Wakamatsu-ku Kitakyushu City
(Note) All bank transfer fees must be covered by the remitter (i.e. the applicant).
The bank transfer fees charged by The University of Kitakyushu's bank, the Bank of
Fukuoka, are ¥2,500, but applicants are advised to check the banking fees in the country
from which they are applying.
For banking charges in the country from which the applicant is applying, it is up to the
applicant to check the amounts.